We are perfect otherwise we would not exist. Everything about us is perfect, Every atom every molecule every piece of us is perfect. Even when you’re sick or dying that sickness or disease or that death will always come at it’s perfect time. Not being perfect is an excuse we all use to not take responsibility for our actions or more exactly the results of our actions. Every decision we make takes us down a perfect path, either for our benefit or against it.

For example we are a perfect reflection of what we put in our body. If we eat a lot of fatty foods we gain fat reserves, bigger bellies and butts. We smoke and drink excessively and our skin looks weathered and blotchy, we get stained teeth and jaundiced looking eyes.

For me the question is not whether I am perfect or not, I know I am, the question is whether my choices maintain or harm my goals and way of life. Every choice I make will lead down a perfect path. It is my choice to make sure that the path leads to the perfection that I want. Once I started accepting the fact that perfection is real and a part of my life I understood that I am not a victim of circumstances, or upbringing, or world/economic events, I am a result of all my choices and the path they’ve led me on.

My latest perfect path is CrossFit and Advocare. CrossFit provides me with the necessary physical training to stay healthy and Advocare is providing the nutrition necessary to keep my body in perfect working order. CrossFit and Advocare are truly made for each other.

Be intent upon the perfection of the present day.
William Law


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