Your attitude directly affects your life. A positive attitude will always bring with it all the positive things in the world for you… like breeds like. Choose what you want and stick with it. Take responsibility for your choices and don’t make any excuses as to why you can’t have a positive attitude. You control you… don’t let the world or circumstances around you have any power over you.

A good start to a positive attitude is controlling what comes in and out of your mouth. Whether that be by the words you use or the things you eat, it is all in your control. If you want to be positive you have to start by eating healthy and not saying negative things. You don’t have to go on any special diet, eat normally, don’t over eat, control your portion sizes, make good choices wherever you end up eating. Even McDonald’s has healthy food choices, you have to chose to make them.

Next, you have to not to talk trash about anything or anyone. If you must criticize do it in a helping way by providing constructive criticism. If someone comes at you with negativity more than likely you will respond with the same negativity and you’ll have an unpleasant experience to say the least. Choose to be positive and respond kindly, you might brighten that person’s day by being positive and you won’t let them take the positive out of you. Optimism and happiness is not for everyone, it is hard work and takes practice. But, like a snowball, you can start small and move mountains.

Something that everyone needs in their life that will directly affect a positive attitude is physical activity. Physical activity provides your body with the necessary endorphins and energy to keep you happy and hyped. The more energy you have the easier it is to have a positive attitude. Conversely if you have low energy you will be more apt to be down or depressed. I’ve been an active person throughout my life. I’ve done martial arts and played organized sports, each time focusing on different parts of my body. Now I’ve found CrossFit and have drank the Koolaid. It works your body as a whole and prepares you for… anything. It’s focus on functional movement balances your body and helps you attain health goals your doctor would be proud of!

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