Most of us think that success is based on opportunity, being at the right place at the right time. The reality is that there is no secret to success. We all want to be successful and everyone dreams big. However, we need to change our outlook and attitude about life and be ready for opportunity. Most people stop at wishful thinking and forget that if you truly want something you need to take action towards it. Dreaming big is the first step, making the choice to do something and doing it will change your life.

The beginning step is to change your mindset. Set your goal, visualize it, feel it, and know that it’s attainable, dream big. BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH. You must clear all negativity out of your mind. No ifs, ands or buts. They will blind you to the opportunities that are present in all our lives. Fear is our worst enemy and it’s the number one cause for negativity. Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes, they wont be failures or mistakes if you learn from them and make yourself a better person for it. If your goal seems out of reach don’t change your goal, change the steps you use to get there.

We live in constant fear of what might happen. There have been numerous scientific studies that show that we are horrible predictors of the future. There’s a reason casinos make money. We don’t know what’s to come in our lives, good or bad. (Here’s an article that delves deeper into this) Once you change your attitude to positivity you are more apt to see and accept the opportunities that take you to your goal. Everyone wants to win the lottery but very few people actually buy the ticket. Your ticket is your attitude and your willingness to be positive.

I’m not describing anything new or that hasn’t been said over and over again in religion, TV shows, radio shows, self help books, and on and on. I am putting it into a context that will help more people understand the very first real step to success. It’s not an easy step because we are all full of doubt, self pity and fear. But much like an athlete training for their sport it takes practice. Practice that can happen all the time. The more you do it the easier it will become. It has to be done all the time. When you wake up in the morning think the day is great, even if its storming. When you’re in traffic accept that it is for good, perhaps it gives you time to think through an issue before you get to where you’re going. If some one cuts you off, they just saved you from crashing or helped you pay more attention to the road. These are examples and they are not as easy as they sound to follow but they will give you the practice you need to become a better you and be open to all the great opportunities already present in your life. Your success depends on you. Take responsibility for yourself and how you react to your life and you will be successful in anything.


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