About Me

I’ve developed this site in hopes of helping those who want to get motivated and do something with their lives. I’m a middle aged gentleman with children and a failed marriage. I am a dedicated father, an avid CrossFitter and IT professional.  Some events in my life have caused much heartache and pain, I decided to not be a victim and grab life and live it to the fullest… instead of letting life grab me and take me down that long beaten path that I am sure we are all familiar with.

I would like to make note that I’m not a professional counselor, nutritionist or medical doctor…only an average guy with willpower and determination in my veins. I do feel however that I am an enlightened individual that would like to share my experiences to help others obtain a better outlook on life. No matter what situation you find yourself in, I first ask that you take responsibility and hold yourself accountable for the choices that have brought you to that point. I know personally that it’s not easy as it has been a difficult road for me to follow as well. But making the right changes in your life as I have, make the reward that you will receive immeasurable. Your life CAN and WILL change and I want to help even if it’s just from a simple blog post.


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