@last! An Instant Way to #ChangeTheWorld

How do you get your news?Social media platforms help raise awareness and create revolutions of all kinds.

But, how?

Social Media as a Force for Social Good

In 2011, social media platforms sparked and accelerated the Arab Spring – the largest modern day transcontinental revolution of our time. The regime fell in an astounding 18 days due to the speed with which revolutionaries spread the word through social media. Facebook served as a medium to organize forces, while Twitter helped to spread the message

This same sort of social media mobilization emerged during the ice bucket challenge of 2014, which led to donations exceeding $1.35 million for the ALS Association.

So what can you do to be a part of this social revolution?

Harness the Power of Your Networks

63% of APJ_2015.07.14_Twitter-and-News_01mericans turn to both Twitter and Facebook for their information needs
Use these networks to spread a message!

Have a charity you want to help, or a cause you want to support? Share their posts on your social networks – or write your own

Want to take it one step further? Start your own campaign!

You have the power to make a difference. You CAN change the world!


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